Still trying to find the right person to do my medusa tattoo. I would like it before the year is over. It would be on my right arm, near the shoulder area. I want her to look dangerous yet still stunning—and her full body, not just her head. If y’all know anyone good in Chicago, let me know!

Rummaging through my drafts and crying (internally) because I can’t finish any of my pieces—let alone start others. Can’t rush greatness!

Malheureusement, c’est la vie.

When did your heart
first get broken?

The same time my brain
started telling me
what to do.

This is my reminder to start writing in public again when I go adventuring alone and not just browse on social media sites. And to buy another moleskin (I left mine back at home). I haven’t stopped, I’ve just been…idle. Dormant. Unmotivated? I’ve got a little back, though. Circumstances.

I don’t claim to be anything I claim to do. I don’t deem myself a professional in any act I find artistically, mentally, or physically satisfying just because others appreciate my work. Until I can no longer question myself, until my cognitive dissonance becomes nothing but a muse to my work, I will remain a amateur. I’d rather be pressured to be better than I was than better than someone else.

Some of you guys need to be alone with yourselves. Self-reflection in a solitary state is always necessary.

Haven’t posted any photo work lately. Soon.

I still want a separate blog for it, though. I don’t want my writings to get lost in the folds (as if I’ve been writing anything anyway).

Oi vey!

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Chicago is causing my eyes to widen more than before—and I’m digging it. I feel like I’m in the right place, even though I feel as if I still don’t belong yet. Honestly, I came out here to become a better artist (I don’t believe myself to be one anyway) and to discover those whose interests collide passionately with mine. I don’t have to keep to myself anymore because of my differences with those I knew back home, yet I’m not confident enough to embrace these commonalities with those I’ve met. Yes, I’ve dipped into some things with some people but because of how long they’ve had to hone their craft and discuss who they are, I just feel…well, like a noob. I don’t want to appear as if I’m “posing” or something just because my range of knowledge is smaller than theirs. But I’m working at it (I also blame my terrible memory for lack of proper retention when I really need it).

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